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VPN activation

Written tutorial (English)

NOTE: If you have already activated once using this method, you will still have to repeat steps 1-11

1: Go to
2: In the green box enter your email address
3: press the button
4: check your email
5: in the email copy the number after Ваш код: (for example Ваш код: 23518)
6: go to
7: enter the code into the text box headed “Получить VPN доступ:” and press submit
8: download, save, and extract the file that it gives you to download
9: Browse to and download ‘windows installer’
10: run the OpenVPN installer file and install the software (with all options set to install)
copy the ‘config’ folder inside the ‘windows’ folder of the zip file you downloaded from to:

C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\

Start OpenVPN by going Start -> Programs -> OpenVPN -> OPenVPN GUI (Important: run he program in Administrator mode by right clicking the shortcut and choose Run as Administrator)

You will see an icon appear in your taskbar that looks like internet. Right click it and go
HideME_Russian_Server -> Connect

14: The program will connect. Once connected you will now have russian IP. You can check by going to and seeing if it says you are from russia. Now simply start  steam, log in, and activate your game. (Go to Steam -> Games -> Activate a Product on Steam -> Next -> I Agree and enter your key)