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My key is not valid, what should I do?

Make sure that you redeem the key in the right platform/program. If you are unsure then you will see on the product page in our shop according to whether Steam, Origin and Uplay is required (please find our tutorials for activation on those platforms on the FAQ)

Make sure to enter the right key (becareful on numbers, texts, 0 or O for example, etc.) 

Sometimes the key needs a VPN to be activated, you can see it on the product page by clicking on the Small globe. You can also find a tutorial in the FAQ section

If you still cannot enable your game, please send us:
-a screenshot of the error
- a screenshot of your game library
- a screenshot of your inventory (for Steam)
- a screenshot of the transaction/activation/payment of your account on the platform concerned

You can use this software for taking screenshots in one click:

Quick reminder: 1 issue = 1 ticket, do not send us multiple tickets please