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XBOX games potential issues

1. XBOX asks me a verification , what should I do?

You need to verify the 1st email address with the second one (that is why we send you this type of credentials: First, connect on which will ask you a verification code to proove your identity.
You need to go on the website from the second email (in our case it is so it is and use credentials from the second email address. You will be able to get the verification code and use it on the verification process. Then, you just need to follow activation steps listed below

2. Ok, I am on the account, I start downlading the game but the installation never ends..

You need to do the installation once again, delete the GK account and install it again. If you still have the same error, wait a bit, it can be linked with an update of Playstation network

For XBOX ONE/360, use the GK4 account to download the game, then delete it and play with your own profile/account. You will be able to use the GK4 account later on if you need to re-install, it is your account. Do not share this account to your friends.

Important: once the account is verified, please change the verification email with your own personal email address. (So, you can change the email by your onw). ou